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Central Vacuum Systems for Fort Collins, CO & Beyond

DictoGuard Security Systems, Inc. has been providing whole house vacuum systems for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado for more than 30+ years. We specialize in installing VACUFLO central vacuums that allow you to clean your entire home or business with convenience and power. 

Why get a central vacuum system?

Why invest in an in house vacuum system when you can just pick up a new vacuum from your local store? Here are just a few reasons a central vacuum system surpasses your normal vacuum:

  1. Quiet - With the main system located outside of the house, either in the garage or mechanical room, VACUFLO central vacuums are much quieter than traditional vacuums.
  2. Powerful - VACUFLO systems have powerful motors and large air flows, allowing you to pick up embedded dirt, dust and other allergens that other vacuums just can’t touch.
  3. Healthy - While some vacuums recirculate air and dust particles, central vacuum systems remove 100% of vacuumed material outside of the house. Allergy sufferers rejoice!
  4. Convenient - No need to move heavy equipment up and down stairs. VACUFLO’s lightweight hoses allow you to clean stairs, high nooks and low crannies with ease.
  5. Good Investment - VACUFLO vacuum systems are installed within the walls of your home and increase your home value like other built-in appliances. Plus, a central vacuum lasts much longer than your store-bought unit.

Spider Fighter Central Vacuum from DictoGuard for Fort Collins, CO and beyond.

How does a central vacuum system work?

How does a central vacuum system work?

How does a central vacuum system work?

True Cyclonic Power UnitsCentral Vacuum from DictoGuard for Fort Collins, CO and beyond.

A central vacuum is essentially best thought of as a giant, powerful vacuum with nozzles and attachments conveniently located throughout the house for easy cleanup. Hoses run throughout the building and connect to a large power system that collects dirt and debris outside of the home, removing allergens from your living or working space. Hoses can be pulled from walls and attached to vacuum heads to clean spots throughout the home, then replaced in the wall when not being used. 

Hoses can reach between 30 and 60 feet and come with similar tools like those of your portable vacuum. Automatic dustbins, called VacPans, also allow you to sweep dry spills right into the walls to be sucked away. We also offer garage vacuums for easy car cleanup.

Central Vacuum System Installation

How does a central vacuum system work?

How does a central vacuum system work?

Central Vacuum Installation from DictoGuard for Fort Collins, CO and beyond.

Central vacuum systems are installed in the walls of your home and business and connected to a power unit that is typically located in your garage or mechanical room. Tubes run throughout wall inlets and connect to the power unit where debris is collected. In new construction projects, central vacuums are typically installed after other in-wall utilities are complete and before drywall, panelling or other surface finishes are completed. In homes and businesses that are already built, installation is still easy and relatively quick. 

We Offer the Best Central Vacuums in Northern Colorado

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